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The Red Zone: Inside Detroit's deadly gang wars. Chapter 1: The Seven Mile Bloods' turf is part pharmacy, part killing field and part launching pad for a bloody This video shows some of the territory of the notorious Detroit street gang 7mile Bloods on the eastside. They mainly operate in the 48205 zip code which they refer to as the Red Zone or 4820DIE. A Harlem hoodlum who was ensnared in the largest gang takedown in city history has been sentenced to at least 60 years behind bars, prosecutors said Thursday. Davon Pinkston, 23, was linked. Anakin's Thoughts While Being Burned on Mustafar and Turning Into Darth Vader - Star Wars Explained - Duration: 10:07. Star Wars Theory 1,994,862 views. Homicides in an area of the Mission district designated by authorities as a gang-free zone went from zero during a span of almost 10 months to three in just three days this weekend. Court order restricts activities of 41 members of ‘Down Below Gangsters,’ ‘Towerside’ in safety zone encompassing both turfs SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 30, 2010) — A San Francisco Superior Court judge has granted a petition by City Attorney Dennis Herrera for a preliminarily injunction against two warring criminal street gangs that have long terrorized San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley. New Requirements Regarding Gang-Free Zones For Child Care Centers Child Care Licensing/jr DFPS Form 2846 8/31/2009 As a result of House Bill 2086 that passed during the 81st Legislature, Regular Session, Chapter 42 of the Human Resource Code includes section 42.064, effective September Starting in the 1980s South Chicago became a war zone of bloody gang conflicts as gangs battled over drug turf. In 1992 South Works closed its doors permanently which economically devastated the community The year 2016 is set to become one of Chicago’s bloodiest in decades. More than 100 people were shot in just the first 10 days of the year. By the end of March, 345 people had been murdered. Federal prosecutors allege that Seven Mile Bloods is in an active gang war with an alliance of other gangs, including Hustle Boys, East Warren, Six Mile Chedda Ave., Gutta Boys, Maxout. Cen k zednick ch prac , Jihočesk kraj, Jihomoravsk kraj , Karlovarsk kraj, Kr lovehradeck kraj , Libereck kraj, Moravskoslezsk kraj , Olomouck.